Bounce Back Exercise with Beth

Bounce Back Exercise with Beth
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Bounce Back Exercise with Beth
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While much remains to be learnt about the mechanisms linking exercise and Parkinson’s progression, we know that exercise is a safe and affordable way of managing Parkinson’s symptoms that could even delay disease progression.

Exercise in managing symptoms

Improves muscular strength and prevents functional decline
Reduces stiffness and improves mobility
Improves posture
Improves balance and gait
Increases oxygen delivery to keep heart, lungs and nervous system healthy
Reduces depression, stress and anxiety
Prevents social isolation
Slows down the progression of Parkinson’s
Reduces motor symptoms
Improves ability to manage daily life

What exercise is best?

Parkinson’s affects everyone differently meaning there is no ideal solution. Exercise recommendations include:

Take part in aerobic exercise that supports functional movements e.g. walking.
Take part in high intensity exercise such as circuit or HIIT training.
Perform muscle strengthening exercises involving functional, meaningful movements.
Practice exercises to improve balance, coordination and posture.
Have regular ‘exercise snacks’ to stay active throughout the day.
Perform exercises that involve mental tasks, charging direction and complex challenges.
Perform exercises that involve repetitional movements and sequences.
Perform exercises to improve power to promote initiation of movement.

“Parkinson’s Friendly” – tried and trusted



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