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The Able Label – Adaptive Clothing
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The Able Label provides quality, stylish clothes with adapted designs and hidden extras that make self-dressing easier for those with dressing difficulties.

Adaptive Clothing for People with Parkinson’s
The Able Label adaptive clothing provides quality, stylish clothes with adapted designs and hidden extras that make self-dressing easier for those with dressing difficulties. The Able Label is a new clothing retailer. But our clothes are not just any clothes. What makes us different is that our high-quality garments have specifically been designed to make dressing easier.

It all started when The Able Label founder, Katie Ellis, was a fashion buyer for the High Street clothing retailer, White Stuff. Her grandmother had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Katie saw that dressing was becoming increasingly difficult for her. So she searched for solutions but found there was nothing that fit the bill. Nothing stylish that was designed to be put on and taken off easily.

So that’s when Katie decided to do something about it. She designed, developed and tested a range of great-looking, adaptive clothing that so many people like her grandmother would love to wear yet also find it easy to live with.

The design of the garments has also taken carers’ requirements into account so assisted dressing is quicker, easier and safer. Yet when they’re being worn, no one would know they were adapted… it’s our secret!

The Able Label range has been designed to help with a variety of physical and cognitive needs and also aims to encourage self-confidence and independence. The quality fabrics, discreet adaptive designs, innovative fastenings and hidden extras make dressing easier for those who may suffer from restricted movement or lack of finger dexterity.

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Great quality and much easier to wear than shirts with buttons

Mary | March 20, 2021
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