The only lifestyle/Concierge Service to
benefit those Suffering from Parkinson's

Do you worry about who would look after your loved ones if you couldn’t?

We understand the responsibility you have when it comes to your loved ones and how important this is. We can offer a policy that provides you with peace of mind in the event where you find you are unable to continue to look after your nearest and dearest.
It will ensure the person you care for is looked after immediately.

This product is specifically designed for people who are providing 24/7care to a partner or family member. The intention is that an amount of cover is taken out and written under Trust so if you as the carer pass away, the policy proceeds are paid into the Trust without the hassle of probate delay.

The Trust would be set up according to your wishes where the funds can then be used for the care of your loved one or however you chose to specify in your letter of wishes. The Trustees will be nominated by you and would have the responsibility of carrying out your wishes with regards to the funds; with the funds not forming part of your estate on death.

The benefits of this are:

  • Funds are paid out immediately, without the requirement for grant of probate
  • The person requiring 24/7 care may be able to remain in their own home for a period and have additional paid support to enable this
  • It helps in the grieving process not to have to disrupt lifestyle to any major event
  • It provides time for careful consideration as to what the long term best solution for daily living needs are

To find out more about our Carers Life insurance and how we can help you and your loved ones, call us on 0330 123 5147.


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