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benefit those Suffering from Parkinson's

Working together to help People with Parkinson’s live a better Quality of Life 💙

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting around 145000 people in the UK 10 million people around the world. Despite optimal medical and surgical interventions many people with Parkinson’s are frustrated as they remain significantly limited in their activities.

TheMoment team members have background of medical professionals, healthcare centred design engineer and researchers. Together we aim to improve people with Parkinson’s quality  have developed M-co, a focused vibrotactile stimulation device, that aims to improve patients’ movements whilst in their optimised “ON” state and thus increase their capabilities, confidence and quality of life.

Pilot testing has been carried out whilst developing the prototype. By using the device 100% of the participants showed improved movements by an average of 16% in various of tasks including walking, using and moving tools. 62.5% of the participants who have shown over 14% improvement have given positifve self-assessment feedback claiming that it was smoother and better coordinated.

Additionally by the request from the participants we have added medication alert to M-coto help people take their medication on time.

We are currently preparing for randomised clinical trial and further user testing.



Parkinson’s Concierge Ltd takes no responsibility for any outcomes of Patients involved with Research. We act purely as a signposting service helping Research professionals to make contact with the right People with Parkinson’s for their Research project.